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Theologians at the Bedside: On the Role of Theology in Contemporary Bioethical Discourse
Kovács Gusztáv
The article discusses the role and mission of theologians in contemporary bioethical discourse. Christian bioethicists turn out to be the odd ones out in any academic discourse from a methodological perspective, however, this peripheral position can also be viewed as a privileged situation. They can act with exceptional freedom in domains which require cooperation between different disciplines, such as bioethics. Moral theologians can contribute most if they make use of this role of being the odd-one-out, with the attitude of having nothing to lose, and by placing relationships, the vulnerable, faith, everyday life experience, and the uncommon at the centre of the discourse. They can go beyond the limits of bioethical conversations centred on legal and medical questions bringing in viewpoints inspired by the long tradition of the praxis of the Church.

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