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Seventh-day Adventists, Human Rights and Social Work
Jetelina Bedřich
The paper deals with the motivation that led the Seventh-day Adventist Church to engage in human rights and social work and reflects some of the practical implications of this motivation. It shows that the Adventists of the 19th century took over from the Millerite movement the so called historicist interpretation of biblical prophecies. As a result, the Adventists see history as a battle between true and false religion. True religion is characterized by observing the Sabbath as day of worship, false religion by observing Sunday. Observing Sunday will in the future be enforced by force, and Catholicism and the USA will cooperate to achieve this goal. Defending human rights, in particular the right to religious freedom, is intended to confront this effort. Adventists have also perceived their social commitment from this perspective. Although Adventist practical work in the field of human rights and social work generally follows the attitudes of conservative American Protestants, the text provides examples of some specific problematic attitudes, which have in the past led to ethically controversial acts.

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